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Legal Information

Hospitality MillenniArt seeks to ensure that the legal provisions regarding data protection are met by the Swiss Law

- Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC). -

All the contents: Interviews, Articles, Visuals, Pictures, etc. that can be found on the Hospitality MillenniArt platform are protected by copyright and, unless otherwise stated, belongs exclusively and in its entirety to the website.

Artists and Professionals sharing their work and words had given the right to publish their contents on behave of Hospitality MillenniArt in terms as expressed by them.

The download of this contents by an unauthorized third-party is strictly forbidden and can be legally prosecuted.

Personal data will not be sold or shared with third-parties outside the platform without any consent.

Hospitality MillenniArt aim to offer a creative and collaborative platform where all the rights are respected and protected.