about us

Who we are 

Young Millennials excited about the new trends and hype of the Hospitality Industry, Art and Visuals.

We define Hospitality as: « The Art of Giving Pleasure »

Our inspiration comes from any kind of service or product giving a sense of pleasure and touching customer`s emotions: Hotels, Art, Music, Fashion and more.

Hospitality MillenniArt provides a platform for students, entrepreneurs and influencers to share their vision and passion for the industry. It is our aim to encourage collaboration and gather forward thinkers into one creative space.

Trusting the power of our generation and valuing innovative ideas is our most principal value.

We want people to believe in themselves and aim to show how important integrity and social behavior is. Hyper-Awareness and Networking are our engines.

Inspire and influence the next generation of hospitality leaders understanding and showing successful trends and concepts.

The ultimate goal is to give back, help people in difficulties by opening new opportunities.  

imagine. create. inspire.

The Team